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Visual System

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– Book (pdf) (English/Spanish, both included in the package)

After 25 years of teaching, I created my synthetic method for the medium/advanced guitarist. It is based on remembering the minimum amount of information that will allow you to use ANY NOTE over ANY CHORD.
There are many scales and modes, but there are only 12 notes. By reducing the amount of simultaneous information to manage, and practicing with the aim to obtaining the best possible result in terms of musical expression, we can solve the problem of the memory saturation. It is a very simple philosophy, but since improvisation occurs in real time, the focus must be put into reaching the highest possible level of spontaneous knowledge available.
In other words, my synthetic system enhances your ability to play as much as you can hear in your mind, through practicing what you are able to hear, while maintaining your focus otherwise lost by unnecessary theory concepts.



It is a tailored mental map of the guitar fretboard!
The idea behind my system is simple and powerful: the way we organize our musical knowledge is almost as important as the information itself. If your organization is good, it will set your creativity free. It is only by visualizing the whole picture that you can embellish the details.


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